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Happy Client at Vitallife
"It is a very good hospital. Will definitely recommend all back home and at work."
"Many thanks for your support and assistance during this trip. Rest assured I will be your ambassador going forward"

The Kenya Ambassador to Thailand H.E. Patrick S. Wamoto was the Guest of Honour
Bangkok, 19 September 2016 - Bumrungrad International Hospital
From left to right: Attakrit Singhseni - Director of International & Expat Marketing of Bumrungrad International, Tob Cohen-CEO Lotus Care Travel, Sudi Narasimhan-Corporate Director of Marketing and Business Development, H.E. Patrick Simiyu Wamoto-Kenya Ambassador to Thailand, Peter Kariuki -Golfer/Check-up, Dr. Juvy Panes Magbanua-Coordination Physician , David Muita-Golfer/Check-Up, Sarah Kamotho-Cohen-Managing Director Lotus Care Travel , James Nyongesa- First Secretary of Kenya Embassy

"The service I received from Tobs with my travel arrangements and health check-up trip to Thailand was excellent. The efficiency and service at Bumrungrad Hospital was real VIP and I was happy to hear that I was 100% OK. Tobs' "concierge" Bernard took me around Bangkok, which made my short stay even more enjoyable."
John Kigotho - Nairobi

"It is better than anything I have seen; It is a five star hospital"

Explore the high quality, affordable healthcare and five star facilities at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Bumrungrad serves over a million patients annually. Over 500,000 are international patients.

"Bumrungrad Hospital treats everything from heart disease to hip replacements to breast implants. The attraction: world-class medicine at developing-world prices. And patients get velvet-glove treatment redolent of a five-star hotel."

"This hospital is really a five star medical hotel. I was gob smacked by the treatment I received here"

"It is the number one international hospital in the world"

"Bumrungrad said: You can have surgery done to-morrow if you want. To-morrow! I have never heard that word in England in all my life. To-morrow."